Monday, May 13, 2013

Entrecote with Lemon and Herb Butter

 There is nothing nicer than a beautiful Griddled Steak with Salad very French and a firm favourite in our house. To a large extent you are very much at the mercy of your butcher, I am so fortunate to have finally found an excellent butcher this steak has been matured for 60 days weighed around 225gms and cut like butter.
 The butter is taken from Daniel Galmiche's excellent book "French Brasserie Cookbook" to make the butter put butter, 2tbsp of chopped Parsley 1tbsp of chopped Tarragon some Lemon Zest and a squeeze of Lemon Juice in a bowl and mix together in a bowl then place on cling film in a sausage shape and roll to make a butter sausage place in the fridge to set, then you can cut a slice off for Barbecues and Grilled Meats as and when you need it
To cook the steak, and these were big, get your griddle pan scorching hot and make sure you have taken the steak out of the fridge at least an hour earlier so they are at room temperature, rub in some Olive Oil on both sides a sprinkling of Thyme leaves and a squeeze of Lemon Juice and season well with Salt and Black Pepper.

I seared couple of minutes each side turning every minute and finished in the oven for 10 minutes which gave them a blushing Medium Rare. If your steaks are thiner 5 minutes would do

Let them rest for 5 minutes makes all the difference and add a slice of your herb butter.

I served with Salad and Boulangere Potatoes Heaven!

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