Monday, November 19, 2012

Tray Baked Salmon on Mediterranean Vegetables

I was, as ever delighted to cook for my dear friend Ute's party on Saturday night. She wanted something simple and vibrant that could to a large extent be pre prepped so that I didn't miss the fun of the party, so we settled on a Pea and Truffle Oil Soup which is on a previous post and my version of what is in essence Jamie's Summer tray baked Salmon.

Couldn't be easier, take a tub of Cherry Tomatoes cut them in half 4 plum Tomatoes cut into quarters or whatever shapes you fancy and a Jar of pre boiled New Potatoes and put them in a large Roasting tin.

We used a bulb of Fennel cut it into slices and the tops into chunks and pre boiled for two minutes with 3 sliced Courgettes, then add to the Roasting Tin with some fresh Parsley and a handful of Dill. A generous glug of Olive Oil, Season well with freshly milled Black Pepper and quite a lot of Rock Salt and using your fingers mix everything together.

Pre heat your Oven to 230c lay the pinboned Salmon fillets on top of the Vegetables, grate some Lemon Zest over the top and place in the Oven for ten Minutes. Don't be tempted to overcook the Salmon or it will die. The Salmon was Delicious and the Oil and Moisture from the fish and vegetables gives it's own sauce.

Dinner was a great success even though we had a broken cork in a magnum of a beautiful Rioja and had to decant at a snails pace as the wine trickled out which took forever. Ute made delicious fresh Lemon Mousse which I will have to get the recipe for to share with you it was light and citrusy and the three dishes worked so well together. It was a fantastic Evening in great company.


  1. It sounds so delicious! but how did you get the veggies to cook before the salmon was done? My salmon usually takes 10-15 minutes; veggies, closer to 20......

    1. The Courgette and Fennel have been par boiled for a few minutes, the oven is at 230c the veg will be perfect ...try it it just works

  2. My neighbor just gave us a big salmon already to go and here I was surfing around and found you. Thanks so much, all ingredients that I have or can easily grab at store. Thanks, will let you know how it goes.

  3. Ooohh that looks so yummy! I have salmon steaks in my fridge, I gotta try this! Thanks for sharing :)