Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lemon Marinated Pork Chops

 I have been a bit absent of late from my little blog for two reasons really firstly just manicaly busy at work, which is a jolly good thing given the economy, seem to be bucking the trend for now anyway so making hay whilst the sun shines. Secondly as I have posted over a hundred different dishes over the year do tend to find the dish I am making I have already blogged or it got late and just couldn't be bothered!
 Anyway here is one of those dishes I made the other day when I really was a bit pressed for time and wanted a one pot wonder!
It couldn't be easier I marinated some pork chops over night in Lemon juice and Garlic then quickly pan fried them to give a bit of colour and added them to a clay pot which I had put some sliced Potato
 some sliced Onions a chopped Tomato a crushed clove of Garlic and a sliced Courgette, Mixed them all together with a glug of Oil some Oregano and plenty of Salt and Pepper and a glass of White Wine and put them in a pre heated Oven for around 45 minutes before adding the Pork Chops at 200c
 After 5 minutes added some frozen Peas and cooked for around another ten minutes so the chops are just cooked through.
Take the dish out the oven add the zest of a Lemon and a little squeeze of Lemon Juice and sprinkled over some Freshly chopped Parsley for Colour. Really tasty great flavours from humble little ingredients and hassle free to make!


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  2. Looks lovely, I could eat several. Very nice photography.