Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prawn & Pea Risotto

 I based this on Jamie Oliver's Recipe but I substituted the vegetable stock for a Prawn shell stock which has gigantic flavour, of course with a Vegetable stock you have a white risotto which looks pretty but lacks the full seafood flavour.
I bought some fresh Tiger Prawns from the market, shelled them and put the shells and heads in a pot to which I added Water and a Bay Leaf to make the stock. Simply bring them to a boil for ten minutes add a little tomato puree some Salt and Pepper and then take off the heat and blitz with your hand blender. Sieve the Stock into another Pot and bring back to the Boil and reduce slightly.

I added some Olive Oil to a hot skillet and added a Clove of chopped Garlic and a finely chopped Onion and let cook stirring all the time, Then added the Risotto rice and cooked for a minute or so until they were slightly translucent added a glass of Noilly Prat turned the heat down to a high simmer until the rice was almost screaming and added a ladle at a time of stock, making sure each ladle had properly absorbed into the rice, in all this takes around 15 minutes.

I had reserved a couple of Prawns with heads and Shell to garnish the dish I put them into the simmering stock to cook gently.

For the Peas cooked for a couple of minutes in Chicken Stock and Butter then mashed half of them and added the cooked and mushed Peas at the end of cooking along with some chopped Mint and Parsley, Jamie used Basil, and the juice of one Lemon and the peeled Prawns all only takes a minute or so and served.

A really flavoursome dish, I had a chilled bottle of Chablis with this and some crusty Bread


  1. Love Risotto and yours looks delcious!

  2. I am definitely making this Johnny. It looks wonderful, and love that you made the stock with the prawn shells, I can imagine it improved the flavour 100% - much better than chicken stock.

  3. This looks really yummy! The prawns and the peas look delicious.