Friday, February 15, 2013

Salmon en Croute

I was thinking what I could make and saw this rather retro dish on The Good Food Show cooked by the master Michelle Roux so I thought I would give it a go.

It's a lovely and easy Dinner Party dish, although mine looked more like a hot water bottle than a fish!
It is actually Salmon with Spinach and Salmon Mouse wrapped in Puff Pastry, Got to say was delicious  and the Salmon was perfectly cooked.
I took two sheets of ready made puff pastry and rolled them out, Placed one of the sheets in a Roasting tin, A flat baking tin would have been better but I haven't got one! and put a large piece of Salmon skin side down on one of the sheets and cut around in roughly the shape of a headless Fish, Tin wasn't big enough to fit the head!

I had cut off a small piece from the Salmon earlier and skinned a small slice a couple of inches across and put it into the food processor with a little cream a drop of Fish stock and blitzed to a Mousse seasoned and using a knife spread over the Salmon.

I had already cooked some Spinach which I had drained and put this on  top of the Mousse, then after brushing the bottom layer edges of Pastry with Egg wash placed the other sheet of Pastry on top.

Scored and cut out a decorative Fish made from the leftover Pastry, but I could have done a better job, brushed the top with Egg wash and placed in the oven at 200c for 30 minutes

Whilst this was cooking a got a small pan scorching hot and added a glass of Noilly Pratt and let it reduce, then added some Fish Stock and finally some Cream and let it reduce. Finished the sauce with fresh chopped Dill and Parsley and a knob of Butter, Yummy and perfect with the fish.

It was to die for, really easy and the Salmon was perfect, I was worried it would overcook but it didn't you have absolutely got to try this I am sure you will enjoy.

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