Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Roast Vegetables with Balsamic

I was watching The Good Food Show on television and saw an interesting recipe for a roasted Vegetable Tart Tartin, excellent I shall make that for a healthy Supper, use up all those vegetables I hadn't used from Sunday Lunch, Then I realised I hadn't any puff pastry and lets face it life is simply to short to be bothered making it, so I decided to just have the roasted Vegetables and rather glad I did!
I cut in half a Fennel bulb, A beef Tomato,  and a Red Onion, chopped into pieces a courgette and Aubergine, and Carrots Threw them into a roasting Tin and gave a generous glug of quality Olive Oil and a splash or two of Balsamic mixed them together with my hands
Sprinkled with Salt flakes quite generously Black Pepper and fresh Thyme
Put the whole lot into a preheated oven at 200c for an hour.... Do you know they were truly excellent, really enjoyed with some Crusty bread and a bottle of Red !!

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  1. Lovely. Vegetables really come into their own when they hit the salt, oil and roasting pan!