Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chicken Breast on a bed of Spain

I do feel so very fortunate to live in Andalusia, The food, the culture, the landscape, the Sea, the people, not to mention the climate. Last Sunday I was searching the web for a Roast Chicken Lunch that would be distinctly Spanish all that I could find was Jamie's Chicken with Chorizo, so I made my own interpretation of Spanish Roast Chicken.

Last night I had a couple of Chicken breasts wondering what on earth I could make and Jamie's dish gave me the inspiration to make a bed of Potatoes Tomatoes garlic and Chorizo on which to place my charred Chicken breast.
 Funny how dishes can stay in the back of your mind. The result was a great deal more than the sum total of the individual ingredients and was so typically Andalusian. I start by just chopping a large unpeeled Potato into cubes no need to peel.
I added a few small sweet Tomatoes cut int Quarters two cloves of Garlic crushed and a few slices of uncooked chorizo, Good glug of Oil some salt and Pepper,a sprinkle of dried Parsley and mixed all together with my fingers in a clay dish and popped it in the oven at 200c for an hour.
The Chicken I just cooked on a Griddle pan and finished in the oven to finish off for 15 minutes, Half way through cooking the Potato mix I added some Almonds and a glass of Manzanilla.

To serve just spoon the Potato mix onto the centre of the plate spooning on some of those lovely Oils that have seeped out of the chorizo top with your Chicken Breast add some fresh Parsley and serve. This really is quite special, would work well with fish too


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  2. Looks beautiful... anything with chorizo is wonderful!

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