Thursday, April 18, 2013


 The Italian Frittata always seems to me to be the more casual relation to the more formal traditional fold over French Omelette and I rather like that. You will never see this on an Italian Restaurant Menu, it is meant  to be a dish served at home, a heart warming dish using up mostly Mediterranean Vegetables but you know you can put whatever you like in this

 I live in Spain and adore Tortilla or Spanish Omelette which traditionally is just Potatoes Onions garlic and a little Egg, so I do like more often than to use a lot of Potato in my Frittata.

So on this occasion I started with Chopped Potato and Onion and cooked them in Olive Oil for around 20 Minutes. I then added some sliced Red Pepper some chopped Chilli, Some dried Parsley some mushrooms I had left, and a handful of Spinach,
Once the Spinach had wilted I added 4 Eggs which I had whisked up in a bowl with a fork..let it cook only a couple of minutes and then put the whole pan under a preheated grill for around 5 minutes until it has bubbled up and tinged a little.

You could make this with or without Potatoes or Mushrooms , you could add cheese, its up to you, Its a wicked dish great served Hot or Cold and wonderful on Picnics


  1. I enjoy both a Spanish tortilla thick with potato as well as a frittata. I especially enjoy a frittata as colorful as your beautiful creation.

  2. Looks fabulous, so bright and vibrant - like our Spanish spring.