Sunday, March 10, 2013

Andalusian Leg of Baby Lamb

When it comes to Lamb we are all to a certain extent at the mercy of our Butcher, and mine did a sterling job with this Milk Fed baby Leg of Lamb, One Leg perfect for two people.

Couldn't be easier, take the Lamb out of the fridge about an hour before you are going to cook it, Pierce it with a sharp knife to make some little holes. Now chop one sprig of Rosemary very finely and put in a bowl with a good glug of Olive Oil,  grate the Zest of a lemon and add Salt and Pepper and spread this over the Lamb using your hands to rub it in.
Par Boil some Potatoes cut in to halves, and let the steam and cool. Slice an Onion and put into a clay casserole dish along with half a sliced Red Pepper, two crushed cloves of garlic a couple of Carrots and a glug of Olive Oil making sure they are all coated. Put the potatoes on top another glug of Oil some Dried Parsley sprinkled on  and then place your Leg of Lamb on top.
Put it into a preheated Oven at 220c, after ten minutes turn the heat down to 200c, Twenty minutes later  add a glass of white wine and a glass of Stock and let it cook in total for an hour.
I use this time to make a fresh Mint Sauce, not very Authentic but I like the way its acidity cuts through the Lamb.
After an hour take out the Lamb and wrap it in tin foil, let it rest for at least half an hour, I put the vegetables and Potatoes back in the oven to brown them all up. So delish all those meat juices have absorbed into the sauce and Potatoes so yummy.
I served with some fresh Peas.


  1. Looks delicious!! Can't wait to try it!

  2. Roast lamb, my ultimate favorite. I had this yesterday. Equal parts olive oil and lemon juice, 5 cloves of garlic and a pack of fresh mint chopped. Make a few incisions in the meat (not too deep), then rub all over with the marinade. I never make the mint sauce myself, just lazy really.

    Looks great as always :)

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  4. Cor! That looks incredible. And I bet it tastes even better.

  5. Hi Johnny! Looks great. love how simple the flavors are. Yum!