Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Steak Sandwich

I am really busy at work at the moment, so I wanted something quick, I had a spare EntrecĂ´te steak cut a little thin for a steak Dinner but ideal for a decent sandwich.
This recipe is based on Jamie's Steak Sandwich from 30 minute meals, really good book by the way! but as ever I have changed it to what I like and what I had.
I started putting some chopped jarred Red peppers on a board, Seasoned with Salt and Pepper added some fresh Thyme, Oregano Parsley two fresh Red Chillies seeds and all a glug of Olive Oil,Then put some sliced Tomatoes in an Oven proof dish with Herb De Provence a glug of Oil and throw them into the Oven, not long 15 minutes before I start the steaks at 200c
I had already taken the Steak out the fridge, added a glug of Oil some Thyme, Seasoned and rubbed into the steak, Got the Griddle Pan really hot, then put a loaf of Ciabatta Bread in the Oven.
Griddle the Steak for two minutes one side one minute the other and placed on the board with my Peppers and Herb mix to let it rest.
Whiz up some chickpeas with a glug of Lemon Olive Oil and a splash of water to make a puree, Take the Ciabatta out the oven and with a bread knife cut in half lengthways, The bottom half spread with the humus add the sliced Tomatoes that you cooked in the oven, some Rocket would be best all I had was a leftover bag of mixed Salad to top it.
Slice the steak and rub it into the Herb Pepper mix, all the juices from the steak should now have seeped into the mix..glorious flavours, add the steak to the Ciabatta scooping up the Red Pepper Herb mix with a knife to put on top.
Take the top of the ciabatta and rub it into what remains of the red pepper mix and put on top of what has to be the most delicious flavour exploding sandwiches, enough to serve two.

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