Friday, March 29, 2013

Sage Flowers and Tomato Salad

Those of you who follow my blog will know how inspired I am by Kerstin Rodgers exceptional book Supper Club, There is a whole chapter on using flowers with Food old as the hills but I have never used them before and was keen to try.

This is based on her Nasturtium Leaf Salad which uses Cherry Tomatoes and Marigold Petals neither of which I could get yesterday but I have used sliced Tomatoes and thanks to the guidance of my tweeting chum @Janbillington of Edible flowers who's advice I took as this is a Lady who knows about such things I used Sage flowers, very pretty and a really nice burst of flavour.
Again it is really simple but with good ingredients a stunning vibrant little Salad. Simply slice fresh Tomatoes and put in a dish, scatter over the Sage Petals but perhaps if you had them Basil Flowers would be good, Whisk together a simple dressing of 1tbsp Raspberry Vinegar ( I didn't have so used Sherry vinegar) 4tbsp Groundnut oil and a sprinkle of smoked Salt Flakes I added some chopped Parsley too for Colour dressed the Salad and left in the fridge about half an hour before serving to get all those flavours in..Really delicious and so Pretty


  1. Lovely - have you tried those sage flowers now?

  2. Yes they were delicious added little bursts of flavour!

  3. Absolutely stunning Johnny. The colours are wonderful together. Roll on summer. :)

  4. The colours are gorgeous johnny! I never realised sage had flowers. Chive flowers when spring rolls round is gorgeous, liek a purple fluffy ball (tempura-ed it for a blogpost once. good stuff.) Definitely learnt somethign new here, and lovely to have chanced upon your blog. Great ideas :) I want that salad right now. I do also want the sun to bloody come out already too :(