Thursday, March 28, 2013

Salmonetes with Mint

As a cook I have always loved cook books and I have a great many which are a constant source of inspiration, however my latest addition by Kerstin Rodgers "Supper Club" is unlike any other book I have or have seen, It is beautifully produced the photography the Graphic design best I have seen.The recipes have a contemporary modern feel. I don't want to give all the secrets away but it is written intelligently with flair and includes more than a chapter on how you could open your own underground Supper Club something I would absolutely adore to do but fear she who must be obeyed will forbid!
Kerstin Rodgers or as Twitter knows her @Msmarmitelover is a proper Cook not a 'Chef' a 'Cook', I make this distinction because Cooks cook with love, Chefs cook for money. I know which I prefer.
This Lady has style, a Bon Viveur, a Lady who pioneered Supper Clubs in England in the spirit of Amy Johnson, a former Punk and a very talented Cook, a Lady you would absolutely adore to welcome at any Dinner Party.
Just buy the book, you will be as thrilled as I am!
Anyway take my word for it, Filled with inspiration I trundled off to the Fish Market in Marbella to buy Sardines for her Sardines and Mint recipe, only to find not a Sardine to be had for love nor money!
My fishmonger recommended a local fish of Salmonete. a baby Red Mullet to look at and I took a kilo on the spot.

After all cooking is about adapting, taking inspiration  and adapting to what you have or what you can get, but Jolly good they looked and I set off undeterred.

It's a very simple little dish, Simply wash the fish stuff the cavity with Lemon and freshly chopped Mint sprinkle with Smoked Sea Salt flakes another glug of Oil squirt of Lemon juice and place in a pre heated oven at 220c for ten to 15 minutes I went half way at 13 minutes and the fish was cooked beautifully.

The magic of the dish is the Mint, I have never used Mint with Fish before and more fool me the result is superb, it is a little like adding Pernod to Fish, it doesn't over power it complements beautifully. I served with a Tomato Salad and some Sliced Roast Potatoes that had a crispness to them and some Ciabatta Bread.
It was light flavoursome and delicious, try it. Thank you KerstinX


  1. That looks beautiful and I am sure it is delicious. You and the divine Miss M make a great team!