Thursday, July 19, 2012

Herb & Chilli Roast Potatoes

We have all been dressing salads for ever,a couple of years ago I started dressing vegetables and lentils too,but it wasn't until this year that I tried this dressing of roast potatoes and it really works

In bowl put some dried herbs ,I used herb de Provence and parsley,but could be any dried herb,don't use fresh or they will burn.then add some flaked dried chilli fresh ground black pepper and a generous sprinkling of rock salt

Add a generous couple of gluts of olive oil and mix together

After you have par boiled your potatoes in salted water,drain and give a good shake to bash up all the edges which turn golden brown and crispy

Let them steam and add to the bowl of dressing,mix them together well with your hands,the aromas are to die for,leave them there a good 15 minutes by which time they will have absorbed much of the oil and all the herbs are stuck to them

Now heat at 220 a roasting tin with a good glug of olive oil or goose fat until its smoking hot,then remove from the oven and carefully add your potatoes...roast turning occasionally for around 20 minutes,a treat and a change to your sunday roast.

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