Sunday, July 22, 2012

Keith Floyds Chicken with Peppers

Keith was a very dear friend of mine and many a boys lunch was had at Foxtrot Oscars in the old days,he loved simple rustic cooking and was the master of it,a Bon Viveur in every sense of the word ..I still miss him along with our mutual chum Dai Llewelyn,whom sadly too is no longer with us

This is based on a dish he loved,it is full of flavour ,hearty and simple,its my version of it in remembrance of him.

Start by finely chopping a large onion and a couple of cloves of garlic,Take a casserole dish add a very generous amount of olive oil and put on a high heat....add your onions and garlic give them a good stir and turn the heat to medium

Chop finely a large tomato skin,pips and all and after the onions have had around 10 minutes add them to the pot,after a further 5 minutes add a tin of chopped tomatoes a whole fresh chilli ,a bay leaf and season with salt and pepper.

Now in a frying pan,one with high sides get your olive oil hot and add chicken legs,it will spit and splutter,brown them and add a clove of fresh sliced it, don't let it burn,now add a glass of white wine,and poor yourself one,Keith never cooked without a drink,and neither do I!

Add the lid and turn the heat down and let the chicken gently cook for about half an hour.
After the chicken is cooked add it and all those precious juices to the simmering tomatoes and onion,wipe the frying pan with a slice of kitchen roll turn up the heat add glug of olive oil and quickly fry  thin slices of red pepper,,a few minutes,you still want them to have crunch,add them to the chicken and tomatoes finely chop a big bunch of parsley sprinkle over the top and serve...Cheers Keith,God Bless

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