Friday, July 13, 2012

Mexican Breakfast

Mexican breakfast

This is a great dish on a Saturday morning when you have been partying on a Friday, it gives you the same lift Expresso does its the chillies and we love and are addicted to chillies!

Start by frying in olive oil under a high heat the red onions stirring from time to time,then add the fresh chopped chillies scotch bonnets and normal red chillies are a great combination,now stir in a teaspoon of paprika picante,some parsley stalks and fresh sliced red pepper,add about 1 pint of chicken stock with chopped dried chilli inside the bowl,don't worry it's not too hot,Stir and add a tin chopped tomatoes bring to the boil and reduce heat to 2,let the flavours mingle,after maybe half an hour add 4 eggs,make wells to poach them,put a lid on for 5 mins and serve on tortillas with fresh parsley and grated cheddar cheese in you will have them again

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