Saturday, July 14, 2012


I have very fond memories of this dish, in the 70's my wife and I used to go to the Lantern Room restaurant, very smart, waiters in black tie, and waiters who were true professionals and would cook this dish at your table, there are lots of variations on this dish, Julia Child used to mariate for 5minues the steaks in soy sauce, I didn't but have done before the result is very good.
Traditionally you use battened out fillet steak, I prefer the flavour of sirloin and so thats what I used. I started by putting a very generous splash of Worcestershire sauce on the steaks and seasoned with salt and pepper, I got my frying pan very hot added a little olive oil and a a spoon of butter then added the steaks and cooked on high heat for around a minute each side,then removed the steaks from the pan and put on a plate to rest.
I took the pan off the heat and reduced the heat to 4, added chopped shallots a little more butter and then sliced mushrooms, I had a beef stock which I reduced by half and added a couple of spoons of the stock to some Dijon mustard about a large teaspoon but you could use more, and stirred together

I increased the heat of the pan to full placed the steaks back in the pan with the shallots and mushrooms,then added a glass of brandy and lit...stand back and let tyne alcohol burn off,then add the mustard and stock mixture to the stack stir and add to the pan,reduce a little and take off the heat add double cream a splash of tobacco freshly chopped parsley and serve.... superb one of my very favourite dishes and sadly along with lobster Thermidore Escargot and Coquille st Jaques rarely seen in restaurants

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