Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spaghetti Atun Picante

This is one of those "Store Cupboard"dishes,Its quick and easy to make and has bags of flavour.Take a tin or two of Tuna ,add the oil from the tin,but not the tuna itself, to a skillet on a medium heat,add a crushed clove of garlic 3 tsbs of capers and handful of parsley stalks, chopped finely a whole fresh red chilli,two anchovy fillets and a handful of black olives,give them a squeeze its the flavour we want,after two minutes add a tin of tomato fritta and the Tuna and reduce the heat

Cook your spaghetti a minute short of the instructions on the packet in salted water with a glug of olive oil to stop it sticking,then add to the sauce and ladle a couple of spoons of the water from the pasta into the sauce to loosen it,let it rest one minute stirring continuously,Pasta just drinks up the sauce and absorbs all those flavours may need another ladle of the pasta water,then serve drizzle with olive oil and if you have it,which I didn't today,grated parmesan.

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