Wednesday, July 25, 2012


What a pleasure this salad is,simple Tuscan food,start with stale bread old ciabatta,or a cottage loaf several days old,Rip them into little thumb size pieces with your hands and put on a baking tray next to the Aga or at 60' in the oven

Now you can either take fresh red peppers and put them to the flame to blacken the skin,and then put in the oven with cling film to steam or take a jar of roasted whole red peppers in olive oil,choice is yours ,both are good but if you are using fresh you need to blacken and pop in the oven now.

Take some beautiful fresh tomatoes,please don't take from the fridge,they need to be at room temperature and cut up in different shapes and sizes,and put in a colander over a bowl,give them an even sprinkling of rock salt and the juices will start to drip into the bowl which is going to give a lovely sweetness to our dressing

Add some fresh or salted anchovies to the bowl the tomato juice has run into and add some cappers.Take the tomatoes out of the colander give them a good squeeze over the sink to get rid of any excess moisture and put in a serving bowl along with the breadcrumbs and the peppers.

Very thinly slice a little Red Onion,must be wafer thin or it will be overpowering and not good,add that to the tomatoes and peppers.Take the anchovies from the bowl and put on one side,tear some Basil leaves and add to the tomatoes along with a swig of Olive Oil

Now take the bowl  the tomato juice,with the capers in ran into,add a good swig of red wine vinegar ,about two tablespoons,And a swig of your very best olive oil,mix it up,season with salt and pepper,taste,it should be quite tangy,the bread in the salad will soak it up and it will become less pronounced add to the salad put on the set aside anchovies and leave to sit for at least 15 minutes,when you are ready to eat ,give the salad another swig of Olive Oil,Its damn good served with grilled Meat or Chicken..Enjoy I add some chopped Flat leaf Parsley,but you don't have to.

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