Monday, July 30, 2012

Pulpo Gallego

This is a very old and traditional dish from Galicia,and you will find it throughout Spain,it couldn't be simpler just potatoes and Octopus,but what a dish.

Put your Octopus in the freezer overnight,it makes a big difference when you cook it and breaks down the fibres, the Octopus should not be in the least bit tough.Cooking is easy just add frozen to a pot of boiling water,don't salt the water,after an hour take out the pot and leave to cool then just cut the tentacles into small slices and refrigerate to cool.

In a saucepan boil some salted water and add round slices of potato, about 70mm in thickness and  boil just for a few minutes ,so that a fork will easily penetrate the potato,refresh the potatoes in a colander under cold water and pat dry with some kitchen towel

To serve arrange the potatoes on a plate,or more traditionally on a  wooden board place the Octopus pieces on top sprinkle with Sweet Paprika and and a good glug of your very best Olive Oil.

Its great as a starter or a tapas dish  a light lunch or in my case an easy Supper,serve with a chilled glass of Manzanilla