Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Asian Bream with Spiced Sweet Potatoes

One of my all time favourite dishes in Chinese Restaurants is the Sea Bass with Spring Onion and Ginger and this dish is inspired from that but with more punch in the flavours.

With any Fish dish you have to have really fresh fish, the eyes are clear, look under the gills and the fish is firm with no smell other than the aroma of the Sea.
Wash your fish out and pat dry with some Kitchen Roll, now make three cuts deep into the flesh of the fish on both sides, I stuff the cavity with Lime Coriander and chopped Red Chilli, then add Chinese Five spice to the flesh and some ground Ginger and rub it well into the cuts you have made in the fish on both sides.

A generous glug of light Soy sauce, Black pepper, a drizzle of Olive or Sunflower Oil, and then add around half a glass of Sake and a squeeze of fresh Lime
Put it in a pre heated oven at 200C for 35 minutes to cook now prepare the Sweet Potato.

I put two large sweet Potatoes, stabbed  them with a knife, and placed them in a microwave safe bowl covered with cling film and cooked in the Microwave at full power for twelve minutes.
Whilst they are cooking take a wooden board, chop some Coriander a fresh Red Chilli add 2 tbsp of Mango Chutney a good swig of Soy Sauce a touch of Olive Oil and when the potatoes are done add them to the board skins as well, and chop with a knife mixing everything together, a squeeze of fresh Lime and place the fish on top. The Sweet Potato dish is from Jamie Oliver it's amazing all the flavours explode in your mouth, perfect with this Fish, it has a real vibrancy. I garnished with a few sprigs of Coriander Leaves and wedges of Lemon.


  1. Not a fish eater so not able to comment about it. However, your sweet potato mixture sounds wonderful.

  2. I love that this dish is so easy to make, and lovely fresh flavours. Nice pics!