Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chunky Chilli Con Carne

When I first started cooking in 1995 I am pretty sure this is first dish I made. I had been watching Ready Steady Cook and they made a deconstructed Chilli Con Carne where the Tomato sauce element was served separately, it didn't work that well, I suppose some Chef was just trying to do something different just for the sake of it, never a good idea.

That recipe used mince beef but I find cubed Stewing Beef gives a far better result.
This is not a dish I make all that often, but it is just the ticket on a cold Rainy Day. Dust lightly your cubed beef in a little Flour and Chilli Powder, And Fry in a pot with Olive Oil to brown the Meat and reserve to one side. I do this in batches.

Add a chopped Onion to the same pot and two chopped Cloves of Garlic and cook until translucent not browned. I add three chopped Red Chillies two tsp of Oregano a tbsp of Chilli Powder or Chilli flakes a tbsp of Paprika Picante and tsp of Cumin seeds.

Let the spices cook through for about a minute stirring all the time so they don't burn. Add back the Beef, a pint of Veal or Beef Stock and two cans of Chopped Tomatoes bring to the boil put the lid on the pot and place in a preheated oven at 150c for around 3 hours.

Take it out the Oven remove the lid and taste. I Season with Salt and Pepper and cook on a low heat on the stove for another hour without the lid to let some of the Liquid evaporate and intensify the flavours adding a can of Red kidney Beans in the last half hour of cooking.

I serve with plain Rice, slices of Avocado and A plain Yogurt to which I have added a Squeeze of Lemon juice and some fresh chopped Coriander. It is an Old Fashioned Studenty sort of Dish but I just Love those Hot spicy Flavours.


  1. Chili con carne is essentially a stew with many spices. It is prepared with onions, cumin, peppers, garlic, and types of meat – which can include ground or sliced beef, and sometimes white meats. It can also include other vegetables, such as tomatoes. Beans are common for this dish. Most people simply know it as chili. There is some dispute over which ingredients should be involved, such as the inclusion of beans. The same applies to whether or not chili con carne can stand on its own as a dish, since in Mexican traditional food preparation, it is only used as an ingredient.

  2. Love the pictures! They made me very hungry. I like the use of yogurt on top. Nice touch I'd never thought of though I use it a lot in my curry cooking. Happy to have found your blog.

    Keep up the good work.