Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ricotta stuffed Chicken wrapped in Serrano Ham

There is a little shop in Marbella that sells whole legs of Black foot Serrano Ham, they only sell the very finest which for reasons unbeknown to me are rated in Acorns, 5 Acorns are the Aston Martins of Serrano Ham and let me tell you they are out of this world.

I dearly want to buy a whole leg with the stand and a special knife for carving but can't quite bring myself to part with the £600 or so it will cost to do so, but I guess in time I will succumb. So in the meantime I buy slices of it to take home.
This dish uses my beloved Ham, It is very simple and Delicious the Saltiness of the Ham seasons the Chicken whilst it cooks. I make an incision and cut a pocket into the Chicken Breast and stuff the cavity with Ricotta and some jarred Sun dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil, a twist of freshly ground black Pepper and wrap around the Ham.

Put it in the oven at 210c for around 25 minutes and serve. I made tray baked sliced Potato Courgette and Tomato oven roasted to accompany and a spoon of Guacamole. You really do have to try this, its to die for.


  1. I am absolutely sure that the chicken is out of this world - it can't help but be, with that ham. However, what really caught my eye were the Potatoes, courgettes & tomato that accompanied it! Oh my goodness but they have my mouth a-watering. :) Why don't my potatoes (when I cook them like that) ever come out of the oven looking like that?

    1. Thank you,On the Potatoes, I put courgettes Tomato in tray first with some herbs, and thin slices of Potato on top , then Salt Olive Oil,oven at 220c, should work the same for you