Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feta & Tomato Salad

It's got Greece written all over it...Well very nearly, My version does away with those black Olives and has herbed Croutons and Salsa Verde as a substitute dressing but it's all the better for it on a hot Summers Day.

Like any Salad, cut the Tomatoes in any shapes or slices you like, I do like to vary the cuts to make the salad more interesting. I do the same with Cucumber.

Then make a simple Salsa Verde with whatever fresh herbs you have. I happened to have a huge bunch of the freshest Parsley and some Mint and Basil from my Friends Bob and Jasmines garden. I mixed that with some Dijon Mustard White wine vinegar and Olive Oil and stirred with a spoon.

Pour that Salsa over those beautiful Tomatoes and Cucumber and add some Herbed Croutons, mix everything together with your fingers.

Now break up some Feta Cheese all over and carefully mix again, add a glug of Olive Oil a squeeze of fresh Lemon Season with Salt and Pepper and enjoy with a crisp White Wine,well chilled

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