Friday, August 31, 2012

Crispy Onion Bhaji

I am getting bored to sobs with Summer foods and wistfully longing for those Winter comfort foods we all love and adore.

Casseroles, Big Roast Beef joints with Yorkshire Puddings and above all the allure of spicy Curries.

I fell for Indian food thirty years ago, starting timidly with Creamy Korma's and gradually moving up to Vinaloo's! Such vibrant intense colourful flavours and the spicy Aromas.... I find it undoubtedly addictive.

Decided to settle on Onion Bhaji, after all it's only the end of August and I am in Spain! If I had to choose an Indian Starter or snack this would definitely lie up in the top two.

It has to be light and crisp, so I use a gram flour. It's a very simple recipe slice two onions into half moon rings and sauté in a high sided pan with vegetable oil. Add a tablespoon of Coriander seeds and some ground black pepper and salt and some dried Corriander

Takes around five minutes, meanwhile put a beaten egg in a large bowl add a cup of Gram flour and mix together with a fork,now add 2 tsp of Paprika picante, 1tsp of ground cumin and 1 tsp of Tumeric mix together adding some milk to get a batter.

Once the onions are cooked add them to the batter mixture add 4 or 5 tbsp of Vegetable Oil to the pan and get the oil so hot it's smoking. In small batches take a spoonful of the mixture and carefully add to the Hot Oil, it takes around a minute or so each side for them to take on that gorgeous golden colour. Take out and drain on kitchen towel then add to a roasting tin and cook in a preheated Oven at 220c for five minutes.

They will come out very light and crispy.The first spicy flavours of the Winter dishes to come. There is literally no better accompaniment than a simple Mint and Lemon Raita.

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  1. Your twice cooked onion bhajis sound intriguing. I reckon your recipe will bring out a lot more sweetness from the onions. But I would advise against the use of eggs - Indian cooks would not use eggs just for a batter mix. Perhaps you would like to see my version?
    Keep blogging!