Friday, August 10, 2012

Roast Chicken with Basil and Lemon

I adore all roast meats but Roast Chicken is always popular in our house,I wanted to give it a Summer twist so French Slow Roasted(see my previous post for Slow French Roast Chicken) but made a herb butter with a dozen basil leaves and a clove of Garlic bashed up in the pestle and mortar,with a small drizzle of Olive Oil to loosen it slightly, And some grated lemon zest and mixed into the butter to stuff under the skin and smothered over the legs and skin.

Stuffed the cavity with a lemon,which I blanched with the potatoes pricked it with a fork so the steam would escape into the bird put in handful Basil Stalks a bay leaf. Sprinkled from a height over the bird some dried parsley salt and Pepper, lemon zest and a little glug of Olive Oil.

I served with some roast potatoes which I had cooked with the chicken and then finished them off in a hot oven with some sunflower Oil until they were beautifully crisp and golden,and some Courgette sautéed in a little Olive Oil.Mind blowingly good.....

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