Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gilthead Grey Bream

Gilthead Sea Bream, sounds completely horrid, And in most Restaurants in Spain,  I have to say it is Ghastly overcooked rubbery and disgusting. But it is up there with Turbot if you treat it with the love and respect it deserves.

It is without doubt one of the best dishes I serve, Cooked properly. The key, as in all fish is it needs to be fresh, this Bream came off the boat this morning. Look at the eyes feel the fish it should smell of no more than the Sea.

These babies weighed in at half a kilo a piece, Slash the fish to make grooves across its body, this helps the heat penetrate the fish and cook it evenly, it also helps all the lemon and herb flavours get into the fish.

Stuff the fish with fresh Parsley and Dill and wedges of Lemon, I rub dried Oregano into the skin with Rock Salt, Ground Pepper and Lemon Zest freshly grated.

Massage with a good glug of Olive Oil and Lemon Juice, getting into those grooves on both sides of the fish.

I then placed the fish on some Courgette Aubergine Red Pepper and Potatoes which I had pre baked for 20 minutes with a generous sprinkling of Olive Oil and seasoned with Salt and Pepper and dried Herb De Provence, at 200c

Cook for 35 minutes exactly, the fish is beautiful and white and comes away from the bone easily, if your fish is smaller then less, scatter some freshly chopped Parsley and for Gods sake don't overcook this. It was better than perfect, this is the Bentley of Fish and God Knows you have to try


  1. This is amazing! Lovely presentation!

  2. Looks amazing! But the site won't let me share to my face book.
    Also I really like the way this person writes.