Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pollo Salteado

This is my Fathers dish, a true aficionado of Spain who came here in the 1960's travelled,learnt the language and learnt to play the Flamenco guitar.

His version I knew well as a child,I have adapted it a little, mostly because I live in Spain and have more ingredients readily available to make it more authentic.

Fry some chicken legs at a high heat in Olive Oil until they have taken colour, remove from the casserole pot and set aside with a sprinkling of rock salt.

I then add a little more Olive oil turning the heat down to a low setting and add a finely chopped Onion,   let it soften for at least five minutes, stirring all the time to stop it burning add two cloves of finely chopped garlic. I add a touch more Olive Oil over them and let them gently soften and add 1cm Slices of carrot. (about two to three Carrots in total)

Now add 1 tsp Pimenton Picante, 2 tsb Pimenton Dulce and a chopped dried Sweet Pepper. Then a few slices on Serrano Ham roughly chopped turn the heat up and add a glass and a half of white wine, let it reduce.

Then add a pint of chicken stock,bring to the boil,and reduce to a simmer,add two bay leaves...cook for 45 minutes stirring occasionally

Before serving finely chop a handful of Fresh Parsley,half in the casserole,let it cook two or three minutes,and sprinkle the remaining half over the plate.

Its's a flavoursome hearty meal,great with Crusty Bread or in my case some Cannellini Beans cooked in Chicken stock with Rosemary and Drizzled in Olive Oil.

The carrots will still have a bite and the Chicken is succulent with the savoury sauce. Yummy

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  1. Now we know where you got your talent in the kitchen!