Sunday, August 26, 2012


Andalusia in a glass, I have seen dozens of versions from jolly posh ones served in London restaurants in a bowl with chopped accompaniments, to Gazpacho made with added onion spices and God knows what, but to be honest this is a peasant dish, brought originally by the Romans,it is simple and should be so.

It's probably the dish most commonly consumed in Spain, It needs very fresh ingredients apart from the stale bread which is essential.

All it is, is fresh Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Pepper or Green, Garlic, Olive Oil and some stale bread soaked in water with a little Sherry Vinegar, Seasoned with Salt and Pepper and blitzed with a hand Blender.
Refrigerate and always serve in glasses not Bowls with an extra glug of quality Olive Oil. This is a Summer Salad soup ,very Healthy. Don't be tempted to add other ingredients keep it rustic and simple and authentic.

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