Sunday, August 19, 2012

Roast Belly Pork

Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without a Roast, to be honest it was too hot and clammy to make a roast, but I did anyway.

Roast Belly Pork, this is a recipe partly Jamie Oliver partly with the help of The Ample Cook, I scored the skin with a Stanley knife and rubbed in rock salt ,turned it over and seasoned with salt and ground black pepper, put it in a heavy based roasting tin at 240c for 30 minutes.

The skin crisped up and went golden, at the end of the day this is all about crackling and juicy meat. I turned the oven down to 160c, half way between what Jamie suggests and the Ample cook!

After an hour, I lifted the meat to a board and added carrots,  garlic cloves, an onion chopped in half and some pre par boiled potatoes and thyme, then placed the meat on top turned up the heat to 180c and cooked for a further hour. The kitchen by this time had reached screeching temperatures it was like a wretched furnace, drank an Ice cold beer, which helped!

After the hour was up, I took the meat from the oven put on a board covered in tin foil, put the roast potatoes in a serving dish and kept warm discarded the carrot,Plated up the roast onion, spooned off the fat from the roasting tray to a bowl and added Chicken stock to the roasting tin and stirred scrapping all the black bits from the tray to make a lovely gravy,Poured through a sieve into a pan and kept on a low heat.

Then served and loved it,Make no mistake this really is an absolutely belting dish, But probably not mid August in Andalucia! Only mad dogs and Englishmen...


  1. The skin on your pork looks amazing! Nothing more comforting than a Sunday Roast.

  2. ooh Johnny that does look so incredible. I love belly pork. Happy Easter x