Thursday, August 23, 2012

Herb Croutons

Mediterranean Cooking seems to make a great deal more use of bread than we do in England, wether it be in stews, stuffing, Croutons in soups or roasted breadcrumbs over Pasta.

I make these little gems all the time usually from stale Ciabatta bread. There are loads of variations but I just break up the bread into 2cm chunks by hand , just rip and tear it up, I give a healthy glug of Olive Oil and add dried Herbs de Provence or Parsley sometimes some grated Parmesan cheese mix them all together with my hands add a bit more Oil if it needs it season with Salt and Pepper and put in the oven,take about ten minutes but be careful you have to watch them as they can suddenly go from Gold to burnt.

They are delicious and the crunchy texture is great against so many dishes,one of lifes simple pleasures

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