Tuesday, August 14, 2012

French Cod Provencal

The taste of Provence,Cod, on what is really Boulangere Potatoes with Tomatoes and Charred Peppers, the result is stunning.

Start by buttering a clay earthenware dish,then finely slice your potatoes and onion, layer in the dish. I then added some leftover Creamed Spinach in the first layer and continued with the second layer of potatoes with a liberal sprinkling of Herbs de Provence,I then Sliced some tomatoes and added some Red Pepper horizontally sliced added some dried Parsley, some knobs of butter some Vegetable stock,about half way up the Potatoes and placed in a pre heated oven at 220C for one hour.

The fragrance in the Kitchen as this cooks is wonderful...After an hour I added two Cod Fillets,and a little Noilly Prat to the dish,Pernod would be better,and cooked for around 7 minutes, could take longer or less depending on thickness of Cod,So keep looking,the fish should be opaque and easily flake but don't overcook, or you will kill the dish

Served with grated lemon zest and freshly chopped Parsleyand a couple of wedges of fresh lemon, Provence on a plate.