Friday, September 21, 2012

Arroz con Pollo San Pedro

I first had this dish years ago on holiday in Mallorca, but it is in fact an Andalusian dish. Its very much like Paella only with more "soup" but I prefer it all those delicious juices to mop up with Crusty bread and a great dish to make for a lot of people.

Traditionally made in a terracota pot, but I used a skillet. Add a generous glug of Olive Oil to a hot pan, add cubed chicken breast, you could add Quail and Rabbit too, I just didn't have any to hand, brown slightly the meat and add a finely chopped Onion, keep stirring after a few minutes add chopped Red and Green Pepper, cook those out for a few minutes then add about a cup of Cigala Paella Rice and stir it around. Add some Paprika Picante and Oregano and some diced cured Chorizo. I also add some chopped Potato but it is not necessary
Pour two glasses of a decent dry White Wine, pour one in the pot the other in the Tradition of all good cooking, drink yourself!

Now add half a tin of crushed Tomatoes, I used a whole tin by mistake, but half would be better and around a pint of Chicken Stock infused with Saffron. Let the whole dish Simmer gently on low heat for twenty minutes to half an hour. Season generously

Before serving add some Green Olives with Pimenton, Serve with fresh chopped Parsley. For this dish to be very good it is essential you use the freshest Peppers or it simply won't work. Cheers enjoy

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  1. Mmmm...sounds wonderful!!! This is the ultimate weekend dinner. Cheers!