Thursday, September 13, 2012

Woodland Mushrooms

I had the day from Hell yesterday, perfectly horrid and miserable, it seemed nothing was going well at work and I really just couldn't be bothered to cook but for the thought of some ghastly congealed Chinese takeaway would be a step to far.

I opened the fridge and these gorgeous Woodland Mushrooms screamed out to me. They are very much the taste of Autumn and the meat in the vegetable world. My mind was made up simple Mushrooms on toast, I had some dried Porcini to mix in with them, saut├ęd them in butter and a little Oil and flavoured the Oil with a little Garlic.
To finish just some chopped Parsley a drizzle of Oleoteca's Boletus flavoured Oil, and sat down with a bottle of Ice cold crisp Pinot Grigio, as if by magic the horrors of the day seemed to simply float away.Absolutely Delicious.

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  1. Brilliantly simple and full of flavour - the addition of one of my favourite wines makes this a kitchen diary moment - putting this in my scrap book Johnny;-)