Monday, September 3, 2012

Pots au Chocolat

My dear friends Elena & Christian were coming for Lunch With their beautiful baby Sophia,Her very first Lunch out, even though she slept through the whole event. For a main course French Roast Chicken was a must, which is on this blog but I wanted a special desert Pots au Chocolat fitted the bill.

Proper grown up food,not sweet and milky, This is a dark bitter chocolate delight!
Elena and Christian are always a delight at all our parties and I adore them both, they are like family, they have what I think is the straightest real estate business in Marbella and I can assure you that is a rare thing, Christian is from Denmark started off at KPMG then banking, bright as a button and seriously well connected with the banks here. If you fancy a home in Marbella  then you really should talk with Elena and Christian first, they know the market here and helped me.( know they love their deserts and didn't want to disappoint. This desert is miles away from those milky sweet mouses you see at most parties but if you like a bitterness to your chocolate you will adore this.

These Pots au Chocolat need to be made at least five hours in advance,preferably the night before which is what I did.

In a large heavy saucepan, warm 200gms of double cream with 70gms of full fat milk. Melt 200gms of Quality, more than 75% Cocoa, dark chocolate over a bain-marie for around ten minutes.

Transfer the melted chocolate to the pre heated cream and milk mixture and mix together. Simply divide the mixture among Ramekins or as in my case little Expresso cups put in the fridge and leave to chill and set.

I added some Amaretto to the mixture just because I am naughty, but you don't have to, This is a delight, it still has a bitterness but god it is good. We all had a wonderful day, they were not disappointed.

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  1. These look really good (and simple!).

    I'll definitely give them a go over Christmas.