Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Salsa Verde and Tomato Salad

September in Andalusia are the closing weeks of what has been a very hot Summer. The Restaurants and Bars have quietened down most of the tourists have gone and Restaurant Managers are pleased to see you again.

Autumn in Spain is my favourite time of year, Spain is ours again and the Sun still shines the skies are blue, but temperatures are gently warm not hot.

Salsa Verde is one of my favourites I make it far more often than Pesto, it's lighter and brings out the flavour of whatever you put it on. I made this Tomato Salad as a side dish to our Dinner on Sunday, but I often use it on Grilled meats, Fish Vegetables and to die for with Pasta

The secret is the freshness of the herbs and the quality of your Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Don't be scared to vary the herbs, On this occasion I used Basil and Parsley with Olive Oil, Lemon juice and a squirt of White Wine Vinegar and Season to taste and Blitz together with a blender.

With fish I add capers with meat some Dijon mustard. It's vibrant and versatile you could add Garlic, but it can overwhelm the Salsa. The colour is bright and appetising with the Lemony herbs. Give it a try


  1. Thank you for your follow on Twitter. Love, love your blog. The pictures are stunning and is as vibrant as the Mediterranean!!!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words so glad you like it,I enjoy cooking and doing this blog

  3. Your salsa verde looks and sounds like simple and spectacular way to enjoy tomatoes. Thank you!