Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I adore Lasagne, well my Lasagne, not at all keen on those rather dry stiff efforts you get in Restaurants, I think it works best with a lot of sauce.

I start by making a basic Ragu, fry onions and some crushed Garlic in an Olive Oil until softened but not browned then I add Beef mince and stir until it looks cooked I add a tin of Tomatoes Oregano Thyme Rosemary and Bay and cook it on a simmer adding a glass of Red Wine. This will take about 30 minutes at a low heat.

Now make your Bechamel Sauce. Melt butter in a saucepan and add an equal amount of Plain Flour and stir together to make a Roux, Now add scalding hot Milk , (Full Fat) and whisk into a sauce, At this stage I add a little tsp of Tomato Puree.

Take a dish rub it with Olive Oil and place in your sheets of Pasta add a layer of the Ragu a Layer of Bechemal in Equal quantities then Grate in fresh Parmesan and start again with another layer of Ragu and Bechemal. At the end pour on top what remains of the Bechemal and add generously Grated Parmesan and put the dish in a pre heated oven for twenty minutes.

Grate some more Parmesan before serving, Enjoy.