Friday, September 14, 2012

Chicken Mashed Potato and Mixed Vegetables in Wine and Stock

I have had a craving all Summer for mashed potatoes, I just love them, comfort food at it's best, Creamy buttery light fluffy mashed Potatoes with grilled then oven roasted Chicken, you know it makes sense. Chicken and Mash are simply the very best of friends and as a gesture to health settled on some mixed vegetables sautéed in a little Olive oil with white wine and a little stock. Which made a super little Gravy
I know it's perhaps not the prettiest plate of food, It's so unchallenging to cook it doesn't need a recipe, But you could have offered me Caviar and Lobster, I would still have gone for this naughty little dish. Comfort food at its very best.


  1. There really is nothing better than a good plate of mashed potatoes. It sounds so simple, but when it comes to mashed potatoes I'm very particular. It goes perfectly with chicken...this sounds delightful. It is indeed comfort food at its best!


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