Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Grog Tray

Gin O'clock as they say on twitter, I have always enjoyed a drink, Spirits, Sherry, Liqueurs, Wines, Champagne, Beers whatever, one of lifes little pleasures. Never trusted someone who doesn't drink, or Vegetarians why would I flawed characters depriving themselves of pleasure, simply not for me.

When I was young after Dinner Liqueurs or Cognacs were a fitting end to every Dinner in Restaurants, and at Home. I guess with drink driving and so on it has become a much rarer occurrence in Restaurants today and must have hit their profitability very hard. As for Cigars, extinct with the no Smoking laws, I wonder what on earth became of all those beautiful Humidors that took pride of place in virtually every Restaurant?

I have always maintained a Grog tray at home, can't imagine not, the exotic bottles sparkle and scream out to me to indulge in their delights. A refreshing Gin and Tonic with Ice and a wedge of Lime, a bed time Baileys, there is something very comforting about the allure of all those bottles sitting there, little treats and temptations of unadulterated pleasure.

Perhaps I am a dying breed. I have lots of Chums who hide the bottles away in cupboards as if they are a sinful indulgence, something that should be kept out of sight, something naughty.

I read an article the other day purporting that the drinks we drink put us into social or class categories. Utter nonsense I thought, lets face it we drink what we like, not because it would put us in some social set or category. Can't imagine judging anyone by what they drank
I know a titled Aristocrat who adores drinking Babychamp, he likes it, and if you like it, you should have it.

Rather a ramble this post but I assure you written sober, The Grog tray plays an important part in my life and perhaps yours too, so well worth a post, Cheers and to your very good health!

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