Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rib Eye Steak with Sauce Vierge

Before I even start I apologise for the photos they don't do the dish justice, but I am not a photographer so forgive me.

Sauce Vierge is a classic French sauce for Fish, so why not with grilled meat, you may well ask. The answer is simple it works so well! Lets face it Meats love Lemon juice Olive Oil and Herbs. So why not?

I have no doubt you know only too well how to grill a steak so I won't even go there. The sauce is a classic and easy. Chop a shallot into tiny cubes do the same with a Courgette now take a Tomato cut it with a sharp knife into quarters and then using the knife take out the pips and core. Make an incision between the skin of the Tomato and the flesh and loose the skin.

Chop the Tomato and courgette into tiny cubes about 3mm square. Finely chop some freshly chopped Parsley and a little Tarragon.

Put your very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pan and heat. I was lucky I had my chum Claudia's Manzanilla Olive Oil from Oleoteca, which is to die for, but get the best you can get.

Add the Shallots and Courgette, then add the chopped Tomato and at the last minute the Fresh Parsley and Tarragon add the juice of a fresh Lemon and take off the heat.Now add a teaspoon of capers and stir.

In all, it takes not much more than three minutes.
The result I think you will agree is exceptional. I topped it with Rocket dressed in Olive Oil and enjoyed a couple of bottles of a not to shabby Rioja. Not a bad life!

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